Attention Artists – Just Food Co-op is hosting a t-shirt design contest.


Please help us design our 15th Birthday/Anniversary t-shirt which will be unveiled on December 15th, 2019 at our big birthday celebration! 

Just Food Co-op is partnering with local artists of all ages and levels to design a commemorative 15th birthday/anniversary t-shirt. It is always our goal to center ourselves in the community that we serve, and what better way to do that than to partner directly with local artists and designers? 

This Art Partnership is your chance to show the community what the Co-op means to you. Outside of a few specifications, the sky’s the limit on your design and we look forward to seeing the passion of this community featured on our 15th birthday/anniversary commemorative t-shirts (and possibly other merchandise as well!). By partnering with you we hope to get a diverse array of designs that represent the unique culture of the Cannon River Valley community.

For this design contest anyone who has a connection to Northfield, MN or Just Food Co-op may enter.


One submission per person.

No current Employees of Just Food Co-op or members of an Employee’s household may submit a design. 

The design must be submitted digitally. 

All rights to the design are transferred to Just Food Co-op for replication and distribution. 

The Artist will be credited on the piece (please sign your art)

Contest Dates: 

The submission window is September 3, 2019- October 12th, 2019

The winner(s) will be announced by October 26th 2019

The final T-shirt will be unveiled on December 15th, 2019 for our birthday/anniversary celebration. 

Submission Criteria: 

Theme: 15 Years of Cooperation

  • Artist may not use the Just Food Co-op Logo
  • Must Feature the Theme
  • Must Feature Just Food Co-op in some way
  • Partners must have a connection to Northfield MN, or Just Food Co-op
  • One submission per person.
  • Design must be submitted in digital format.
  • 10GB File Size Limit

That’s right! Any age, any artistic background, any medium, everyone welcome! In order to truly represent this community we hope to attract a diverse set of design partners. As our way of thanking you, we are offering the creator of each selected design a $100 Just Food Co-op gift card plus a copy of each item that we generate from this call for submissions. 

All rights will be transferred to Just Food Co-op upon completion of contest application. 


$100 gift card to Just Food Co-op + a goody bag that will include the item designed by the artist and any items created using the art of other winners who entered the contest. 

How Many Winners? : Just Food Co-op reserves the right to choose as many winners as we would like. We will choose one winner of the t-shirt design, however, we may see other designs as useful for different items. (ex: mugs, postcards, bags.) However, the prize will be the same regardless of what the art is used for since the same number of prints will be made. Each winner will receive a copy of the item that their art appears on plus the prize listed above.

First right of refusal. If the artist designs their art submission in a physical medium, Just Food Co-op reserves the first right of refusal to negotiate the purchase of that item if we see fit. All submissions must be submitted digitally, so the art must translate well to a digital medium and be of high enough quality to be transferred to textiles. (examples of physical art: oil painting, cross stitch, chalk art.)

To Enter: Please Complete This Submission Form

Please read the submission materials carefully and then start creating art!