In the wake of George Floyd’s murder, all Minnesotans have been through several days of heartache. But the way out of that darkness is through community, and that’s why Just Food supports those struggling for justice not only for George Floyd, but for people of color everywhere. We also stand in solidarity with our sister co-ops in the Twin Cities, many of whom have been directly affected by the recent unrest.

Just Food was founded on the principles of working cooperatively for justice, sustainability, health, and concern for community. It’s right there in our name. But it’s facile to think that we can have a just food system when there are those among us who can’t expect even the most rudimentary justice under the law. There’s nothing sustainable about a system where questions of access to healthy food are overshadowed by concern for basic safety. And we cannot have truly healthy communities while black and brown bodies are being subjected to systemic violence. These inequities hurt all of us.

We know that we don’t have all the answers yet, but the leadership at Just Food is committed to doing the work to address these issues in our own cooperative as well as in our broader community. For starters, we’re keenly aware of the current lack of diversity on our own Board of Directors, and that needs to change. We hope you’ll join us in solidarity with this struggle for justice and also that you’ll support us in the hard work ahead as we bring these issues home to Just Food.


Cooperatively yours,

The Just Food Board of Directors