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Death of Robert Erpenbach

Robert Erpenbach The Board of Directors of Just Food Co-op is saddened to inform the membership of the death of the Co-op's Finance Manager, Robert Erpenbach, on Friday, October 27, 2017 after a brief illness. Bob was a faithful member of the Management Team for the past one and a half years, leading [...]

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Board Election Results

We are very pleased with the turnout in our first-ever board election offering an email voting option. We more than doubled last year's record turnout, with approximately 20% of our owner-members participating. That is outstanding participation compared both to our own history and to co-ops across the country. 79% voted online, with the remainder voting [...]

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Board of Directors Election Information

Online voting is here! Members should be receiving, or may have already received, a mailing from Just Food Co-op. Simply Voting is managing our election this year and as with all things new, there are sometimes glitches. The letter you receive with your ballot indicates that there is a pre-paid envelope included. This was the [...]

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Profit For Impact’s Sake

Grocery competition is coming to Northfield and the surrounding community. Margins in grocery are tight and the pressure to drive margins further downward is real. Health care insurance costs continue to rise. Political uncertainty causes shoppers to become more frugal. Customers embrace options like Blue Apron to make cooking at home easier. Amazon buys Whole [...]

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Online Voting is Coming!

In response to high owner interest, Just Food Co-op will offer electronic voting this fall as an option for the selection of board members and approving bylaw amendments. To ensure we reach all owner-members to explain the new voting options, in September each owner household will receive a postcard containing details of the three ways [...]

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Could a Reusable Solution Save You Money?

There will always be a time and a place for ziploc storage bags and the like. Sometimes they are the best solution or the best way to get after-the-party leftovers out of your house. However, there are a few reasons that you may want to reduce the number of bags that you use. First of [...]

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De-Stress Your Back to School Preparations

It’s tough to think about, but it’s now mid-August. This means that all of the retail stores have their back-to-school stuff out. All of the teachers have released their school supplies lists and it’s likely that you’ve already attended an open house or two. This time of summer always feels like a scramble to squeeze [...]

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Canning in the Age of Pinterest

Take full advantage of your CSA shares or the season's bounty!  We live in a world that offers us abundance year-round. We can get strawberries in winter, grow basil in a window container, and we never have to skip meat just because it was a bad year for chickens. But, it wasn’t that [...]

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Just Food Board Announces Sherri Meyers as Just Food’s Next General Manager

From the Just Food Board of Directors:  Sherri Meyers, General Manager June 16, 2017 The Board of Directors of Just Food Co-op is pleased to announce that Sherri Meyers, the co-op’s Packaged Grocery Manager, has been hired as Just Food’s new General Manager. Along with many of you, we were saddened when we [...]