Carleton’s Food Truth Hosts Farmworker Justice Speaker Tonight

We wanted to pass along this invitation from Katie from Food Truth. Katie says:

Melody Gonzalez will be speaking tonight (Friday, April 3) at Carleton on the subject of the exploitation of migrant farm workers by large agribusiness in Sinaloa, Mexico. The produce from these fields ultimately ends up in US markets. Melody is an advocate with Fair Food Across Borders who is traveling around with a documentary about agribusiness and farmworker issues in Mexico and the US. As the food movement gets more public (Michelle Obama’s garden) and more exciting (more interest in local food every day), I think it is CRUCIAL that we are addressing the issues that have never taken center-stage, those of the laborers harvesting such a huge amount of our food here in the US and abroad.

7:00pm, Sayles-Hill Lounge (upstairs, 300 North College St, the big building on the loop at the end of College St. There will be signs!)
POTLUCK! we’ll have chili and cornbread, please bring anything else you’d like to share

The Chiapas Media Project/Promedios announces our new bi-national advocacy campaign: Fair Food Across Borders. Fair Food Across Borders (FFAB) reveals the human rights abuses faced by migrant farm workers in Mexico who harvest many of the fruits and vegetables we eat here in the US.
The Fair Food Across Borders Campaign seeks university, cultural and community-based sponsors to host presentations for Spring 2009. The centerpiece of the FFAB campaign is the new CMP/Promedios video, Paying the Price: Migrant Workers in the Toxic Fields of Sinaloa. Paying the Price examines the impoverished lives of migrant farmworkers from the town of Ayotzinapa, Guerrero. We follow them from their community to their lives as migrant workers in a large Sinaloa agribusiness camp, Buen Año, where they pick exotic Chinese vegetables for export to the US and Canada .. We see the hardships faced by these workers in their community of origin, largely abandoned by the local and state governments to the inhumane and slave-like working conditions they encounter in Buen Año. Paying the Price presents the polarized reality of how migrant workers are seen in Mexico: through the eyes of agribusiness representatives these working families are portrayed as merely an annoying, culturally backward necessity to be dealt with in order to reap their multi-million dollar profits.

Melody Gonzalez, FFAB National Coordinator will present Paying the Price. Presentations last between one-and-a-half to two hours, and include video screening and discussion about the role of agribusiness and internal migration in Mexico, NAFTA, and corporate and consumer responsibility in the US.

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