Board Transitions

How’s everyone’s summer going? Summer is often a time of transition and contrast -- between grades in school, between school and the working world, and between everyday life and vacation adventures near and far.   This is a time of transition on Just Food’s board of directors as well, unexpectedly requiring the mid-year election of [...]

2019-08-01T13:56:11-05:00August 1st, 2019|Board Communication, Community|

Announcing A New Donations Program

There are so many changes starting the first of our fiscal year, (July 1, 2019) that we want to announce another one!  You have probably already heard that we are going bagless starting on July 1, 2019. This means that we will no longer be giving away paper bags at the checkout lanes. So what [...]

2019-06-26T13:05:50-05:00June 26th, 2019|Community|

Principle #7 Concern for Community

As we look toward the next fiscal year, our 15th year of Just Food Co-op, we want you to know what your team at Just Food has been up to this year in your community and how we support many local non-profits, regularly! Just Food is reaching out and giving back more than we ever [...]

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Sending the Bags Packing

A few months ago, our Green Team wrote and submitted an article to the ComPost about the use of reusable bags. Currently, Just Food rewards you with a Planet Patch that you can either donate the 5-cent value to the Community Action Center, or you can choose to keep that 5-cents and add them up [...]

2019-06-13T11:31:01-05:00June 18th, 2019|Community|

Investments and Fundraising Update

After negotiating with our very accommodating landlord, we are happy to announce that Just Food has signed a 15 year lease to stay in this location! Owner surveys told us loud and clear that you want us to stay in this location, and we could not agree more. We love our home on Water Street. [...]

2019-05-15T18:08:09-05:00May 15th, 2019|Capital Campaign, Community|

Board News and Updates – 2.26.18

Here is an update for those interested in following the comings and goings on the Board of Directors: New and returning members elected to the board in October 2017 were Karen Fossum, Joni Karl, Nancy Malecha (a Just Food employee), Nola Moen, Clark Ohnesorge and Lee Runzheimer. Board members continuing with two years remaining in [...]

2018-02-26T10:46:04-06:00February 26th, 2018|Board Communication, Community|

Unionization Election Results

On Wednesday, February 7, an election was held at Just Food to determine if staff would like to be represented by the UFCW 1189 as their labor organization. Just Food recently received a copy of the Certification of the Results from the National Labor Relations Board confirming that a majority of the valid ballots cast [...]

2018-02-22T13:57:22-06:00February 22nd, 2018|Community, Just Food, Owner Communication|

Just Food Launches Community Discount Program

The Community Discount Program will begin taking applications on Friday, February 16, 2018. Households that apply for and are eligible for the program will receive 10% off their grocery purchases every day. Coupled with the Co-op Basics program that provides an affordable price on many of your everyday essentials like meats, veggies, eggs, rice, milk, [...]

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