A note of thanks to Just Food Co-op staff, from the Board

Dear Owners, MIchael PursellBoard President We at the Just Food Co-op Board want to take a moment to recognize the extraordinary efforts by the Co-op’s staff and management to navigate the coronavirus crisis. These remarkable folks, who didn’t sign up to be on the front lines of a pandemic, have put in some [...]

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Are you ready for Game Day entertainment?

Game Day Game day is about casual entertaining and good company. Focus on snacks, finger foods and foods that are easy to eat and clean up. Break out your main dishes at halftime! Prepare as much food as you can a day ahead so you can mingle with your guests. Bring on the bold flavors: [...]

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Season’s Greetings, Cooperators!

Michael PursellBoard Vice President As we head into this winter season, it feels very much like a time of transition at Just Food. For one thing, we’re celebrating Just Food’s 15th Birthday on December 15--our golden birthday, I suppose. This feels like a big milestone as we prepare to break ground on the [...]

2019 Art Partnership Design Contest

Attention Artists - Just Food Co-op is hosting a t-shirt design contest.   Please help us design our 15th Birthday/Anniversary t-shirt which will be unveiled on December 15th, 2019 at our big birthday celebration!  Just Food Co-op is partnering with local artists of all ages and levels to design a commemorative 15th birthday/anniversary t-shirt. It [...]

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Principle #7 Concern for Community

As we look toward the next fiscal year, our 15th year of Just Food Co-op, we want you to know what your team at Just Food has been up to this year in your community and how we support many local non-profits, regularly! Just Food is reaching out and giving back more than we ever [...]

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Unionization Election Results

On Wednesday, February 7, an election was held at Just Food to determine if staff would like to be represented by the UFCW 1189 as their labor organization. Just Food recently received a copy of the Certification of the Results from the National Labor Relations Board confirming that a majority of the valid ballots cast [...]

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How To Assemble a Winning Party Platter

It’s easier than you think to create a showstopper. 1 - Choose a Board. This is an important step to do first because the size of the board determines how many items you should buy. Wooden cutting boards, marble slabs, ceramic platters, or glass plates are all great options. 2 - The Meats. The meat [...]

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