Season’s Greetings, Cooperators!

Michael PursellBoard Vice President As we head into this winter season, it feels very much like a time of transition at Just Food. For one thing, we’re celebrating Just Food’s 15th Birthday on December 15--our golden birthday, I suppose. This feels like a big milestone as we prepare to break ground on the [...]

2018 Election Results

Five new members have been elected to the Board of Directors from a field of 10 candidates. Elected to three-year terms were Helen Forsythe, Derek Meyers and Michael Pursell. Elected to one-year terms were Revmira Beeby and Tim Braulick. The ballot question to authorize an increase in the total allowable number of Co-op owners from [...]

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Unionization Election Results

On Wednesday, February 7, an election was held at Just Food to determine if staff would like to be represented by the UFCW 1189 as their labor organization. Just Food recently received a copy of the Certification of the Results from the National Labor Relations Board confirming that a majority of the valid ballots cast [...]

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Voter Participation Rises as Just Food Introduces Online Voting

Penny Hillemann, Board Vice President We are very pleased with the high voter turnout in our first-ever Board election offering an email voting option. We more than doubled last year's record vote tally, with about 20% of our owner-members participating in this year’s election. That is outstanding participation compared both to our own [...]

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Board Election Results

We are very pleased with the turnout in our first-ever board election offering an email voting option. We more than doubled last year's record turnout, with approximately 20% of our owner-members participating. That is outstanding participation compared both to our own history and to co-ops across the country. 79% voted online, with the remainder voting [...]

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Just Food Board Announces Sherri Meyers as Just Food’s Next General Manager

From the Just Food Board of Directors:  Sherri Meyers, General Manager June 16, 2017 The Board of Directors of Just Food Co-op is pleased to announce that Sherri Meyers, the co-op’s Packaged Grocery Manager, has been hired as Just Food’s new General Manager. Along with many of you, we were saddened when we [...]