Once again, this year, Just Food is excited to be able to offer the Community Discount Program to our Community! There are a few tweaks to the program this year that are noted below.

Changes in 2020:

• You must present proof that you are eligible for and utilizing need based assistance. Any form of documentation that shows that you are enrolled in SNAP/WIC, Free/reduced lunch, or subsidized housing will be necessary for enrollment.

• Cards will be issued to individuals, not households

• Each individual needs to apply, separately

• Use by household members is not permitted. The person that applies for the card is the only person that may use the card.

• Card may not be used on storewide discount days. It is still valid for Fill it Fresh, Wellness Third Thursday and Bulk Friday.

• Reapplication will be twice yearly (January and June)

• Employees are not eligible, as there is already a sizeable employee discount

The Fine Print:

• The community discount is open to owners and non-owners alike

• The community discount can be used on all items in the store, except case special orders, gift card purchases, and any purchases made on storewide discount days.

• The community discount is 10%.

A member of our team will be available to answer questions or help you fill out paperwork for the Community Discount Program on January 14 from 10-noon and on January 22 from 4-6pm. You may fill out the form and bring proof of program participation at anytime. If your reason for applying for the discount is for a one-time hardship, your application will not be approved immediately, but you will be contacted within 3 days with a determination of eligibility.

Our goal with this program is to ensure the everyone has access to good, healthy food. Some of the funding for our program does come from community members when they round up (THANK YOU!), with the majority of the funding coming from Just Food. This is one more way that Just Food is supporting the community we live in.