Community Discount Program at Just Food Co-op

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Just Food Co-op believes that all individuals and families in our community should have access to high quality food that fits their budget. To ensure accessibility for everyone, or, minimally, to ease the financial burden on families that might be struggling to put nutritious foods on the table, we have created a program that allows Just Food shoppers the ability the help feed the community.

Starting in February, individuals and families will be able to apply for, and obtain a Community Discount card. This card will entitle the holder to 10% off their purchases, every day, through 2018. They will need to reapply annually. Recipients need to show financial need to participate in the program, including but not limited to: WIC, SNAP, and free/reduced lunches. The Marketing Manager will determine eligibility of individuals that have special circumstances and they ask for assistance. There will also be a google form put on our website allowing individuals to apply for the program without having to ask for or fill out a form in store.

Starting in January, customers will be asked to Round Up for the Community Discount Program.   This program is being funded through the Round Up program which now allow our community to donate directly to those that are in need. As we work through the financials and expansion, we have plans to incorporate a “Community Coin” program that will replace the Planet Patches.

The Community Coin program is designed to be the conduit for the Co-op to donate to the local non-profits. Much like the current Round Up program, local non-profits will apply for the Community Coin program via a simple application asking how the funds would be used along with a few pertinent questions about the organization. A small team of employees will make decisions on which organizations will be assigned to each month based on theming and the organization’s use of the donation. Two to three non-profits will have a jar at the front of the store and shoppers will drop their Community Coin in the jar that they’d like to vote for to win that month. The ‘winning’ organization will receive $200 and 2nd place will receive $100. Just Food will donate $300 monthly. (a little higher dollar amount than the current Planet Patch program). The goal will be to increase this donation in fiscal year 2019 to $500 total with $300 to the first-place organization and $200 to the second-place organization. Preference will be given to organizations that are using their funds to directly impact the food systems or have a food program in place, but we need to be open to being part of the larger community, and that these dollars may go to support community events that better where we live.

Individuals do not need to be a member of Just Food to receive the discount card, but the card may not be shared with others. If there is abuse, the card will be revoked.

I’m excited to announce and launch the new Community Discount Program at Just Food!

By Stephanie Aman, Marketing and Community Relations Manager

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