In light of all of the developments and ongoing moving target of the coronavirus, we felt that it was right to share with you what we are doing to proactively prepare for a possible outbreak or service interruption at Just Food Co-op.

Just Food Co-op is committed to remaining a reliable destination to serve our community and provide necessary resources to all community members. The safety of our staff is our first priority, followed very closely by our shoppers. We need a healthy staff in order to keep the store running and be able to serve you. Just Food Co-op will be following all local, state and federal recommendations during this outbreak and we have an emergency preparedness plan that managers are already referencing, just in case. 


Here’s what Just Food is doing: 

  • We are monitoring the guidelines for the food industry as established by the Minnesota Department of Health and the CDC and will follow recommendations. 
  • We are changing to cleaning supplies that are recommended by the CDC. Note this is just during this outbreak. While we try and use the most natural effective cleaners possible, we will follow the CDC guidelines during this time to combat this virus. 
  • We have implemented a more than daily cleaning schedule of common surfaces such as light switches, door handles and other more public surfaces with the new cleaning agents.
  • We have suspended all passive sampling and the kids free fruit program. 
  • Sample Saturdays for April and May have been cancelled. 
  • Use of reusable plates and bowls has been halted. Please do not bring your own plates and bowls for use at our salad/hot bar or for soups. Compostable bowls, cups and containers should be used and are available. 
  • While we always expect our staff to wash their hands, we are reminding and encouraging more frequent washing of hands.
  • If staff come to work sick, they will be sent home and we will issue no disciplinary action to staff for absences during this time. 
  • Each register will have hand sanitizer available. 
  • We have committed to paying any staff member that might be placed into mandatory quarantine. 
  • In the event of a mandatory quarantine, a store shut down, or a supply chain disruption, we are addressing the need for essential functions of the business to be performed from home. 

What you can do: 

  • If you know you have had contact with someone that is a presumptive positive case of Coronavirus – please stay home. Please do not send your family members to the store, or anyone else you have had contact with.

Should you want to order products, we will gladly place special orders for you – just let us know! All owners receive 10% off case orders, non-owner shoppers receive 5% off.  We always are able to do this, but it seems prudent to send a reminder that instead of clearing our shelves of staple items, we would prefer to place your case special orders and have it here in a few days time for your pick up. 


We are here to serve you. We have an obligation to assess what we are doing from an operational standpoint, be transparent in showing you our plan so that you can be assured that not only do we have your best interest in mind, but also that of our staff and community. We do not mean to incite fear of any sort, we simply want you to know that we are not ignoring what is happening, and we have a proactive plan for our staff and our community. We want to make sure that you feel comfortable shopping here, knowing we are doing everything we can to ensure a safe place to shop for your groceries.


And we know you’ve heard it before, but please, cover your cough. stay home if you are ill, and wash your hands.