Holiday Gift Guide – Under $20

Are you looking for come quick ideas to help complete your holiday shopping list? Here are a few ideas to get you started. These gifts are both easy on your wallet, and also help introduce family and friends to good, high quality products that align with your values.
Honey – We have an extensive collection of local honey. If you think it’s weird to give someone a jar of honey, you can couple it with your favorite tea. Extra points if you choose to give the honeycomb and you pair that with some seasonal fruit like figs or apples.
Maple Syrup – For the maple syrup connoisseur, this one may seem obvious. A nice jar of syrup can be a spendy prospect. Generally, you don’t get the good stuff for everyday use. That’s why it makes an excellent present. Go for local and show your loved one just how good their pancakes could be.
Coffee – Make sure you check out all the seasonal coffee this winter. Groundwire has rebranded their Toboggan blend as Holiday Splice. It is the perfect cup to wake up to on those cold December mornings. In fact, don’t wait to buy this for someone else, get some for your kitchen and tell yourself “Happy Holidays” every morning.
Essential Oils – Veriditas has a few special holiday blends this year, and look for starter kits as stocking stuffers. However, the holidays are a fun time to introduce a friend to your favorites, especially if they are new to using essential oils.
B.T Mcelrath Chocolate – Local chocolate makes an excellent stocking stuffer
Theo Chocolate – This isn’t local, but there are some delicious, holiday themed varieties.
Groveland Hot Chocolate – Groveland is an excellent local brand, and their hot chocolate is particularly stellar. Couple this with your favorite peppermint stick, and you have holiday in a cup.
Calendars – The calendars in everyone’s home will have to be replaced within the next few weeks. These make a thoughtful gift. A gift that says “I want you to know what day it is while you are standing in your kitchen.”
Glass Straws – Straws are not the best thing for the environment. A glass straw is a nice gift for the person who is trying to become more environmentally friendly.
Bamboo Utensil Sets – Another easy thing to cut out is the use of disposable cutlery. Pair this with a glass straw and you still haven’t hit the $20 mark and the recipient will be decreasing their carbon footprint for years to come.
Matr Boomie Earrings – These earrings are on sale all of December. They are a pretty fashion piece for anyone who wears earrings.
Bars of Soap – Choose a festive scent or a more traditional one. It doesn’t matter, soap is an inexpensive way to give a luxury item.
Small Alaffia Baskets – We have a few sizes of Alaffia baskets that are under $20. They make nice gifts because they don’t need to be wrapped and they can house other gifts for giving.
Tea Infusers & Bulk Tea– Did you know that there are adorable versions of tea infusers? Let a tiny robot infuse your tea, or a little person fishing. Don’t forget to also give some bulk tea with the infuser so that the recipient can start enjoying their gift right away. Giving a tea infuser without any tea is like giving a light-up toy without any batteries.
Fair Trade Tea – If you don’t wish to go the infuser route, tea makes a great gift. Look for fair trade and organic varieties to set the gift apart. Also, consider pairing it with some special sugar or honey.
Spice Grinder – A spice grinder is a nice addition to your kitchen. Although you can use your coffee grinder, you run the risk of all of your spices tasting like coffee, or all of your coffee tasting like cumin.
Written by Vicki Scott, Social Media and Creative Coordinator
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