Move 2 Vegetarian – a how to about the vegetarian lifestyle

January 9 6:30-8p.m.
Move2Veg can help you get started or fine tune your eating habits to optimize nutrition!
Would you like to:
  • preserve the Earth’s water and land resources?
  • save 100 animal lives per year?
  • lose weight, lower your cholesterol, decrease cancer risk, or better manage diabetes?
Whether you’re already vegan or vegetarian, or simply moving toward a healthier eating style, Learn how to become a great example of plant-based health!
About this educator-
Suzanne Sorensen RD, LD, CDE

After 30+ years of standard American diet, a scuba trip for lobster hunting introduced Suzy to the fantastic lives of underwater creatures.  This up close and personal view of the rich lives of animals began her journey to vegetarianism and, eventually, veganism.
As a dietitian moving to plant-based eating for compassionate reasons, she soon discovered that benefits to health and environment are also significant.
As she became active in the Twin Cities veg community, Suzy recognized a need for accurate vegetarian & vegan nutrition information. Move2Veg is an opportunity to support those who want to meet their nutritional needs through plant-based eating.

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