Eat Local Challenge

Just Food hosts two Eat Local Challenges throughout the year.  We do encourage you to eat local all year long, but this is a great way to test how much you truly can eat local, in Minnesota, throughout the entire year!


Spring Challenge:  Eat 50% of your food from the 5 state area during a week in April.
Fall Challenge: Eat 80% of your food from the 5 state area during the month of August.

Just sign up on the poster at the front of the store or make a mental commitment if you’d like your challenge to be more private. Then try to make sure that percentage of the foods you eat or ingredients you use are locally produced. It’s that easy!

Because this is YOUR challenge (not ours), we encourage you to make it your own. If the percentage seems too intimidating, go for a smaller percentage.  Some folks decide that they will not count spices and salt toward their percentage, some do. Some families try for percentage by weight, others count ingredients. The idea here is to set your own challenge before the start, and then try to meet that challenge for the week. It may seem overwhelming at first, but just remember that local meats, dairy products, breads, and veggies are abundant! And if you get tired of cooking, head over to our deli cooler and hot bar where you can find local choices.

* Look for the local label at Just Food Co-op, or ask a helpful staff member for assistance in finding our many local products. No matter where you shop, read the label to find out where your product was grown or produced.
* Try something new. You’ll have the chance to sample a variety of delicious locally-produced foods during sample days during the challenge at the Co-op.
* Ask your favorite restaurant or coffee shop if they are sourcing any of their ingredients locally. Many of the local coffee shops use local dairy products, and some restaurants source some of their ingredients locally too!

THE INSPIRATION- Events During the Challenge:

We offer many events during challenge which can include cooking classes, movies, tasting days and other educational events during the challenges.  Check out the calendar as the Eat Local Challenge draws near and get involved!


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today @ the deli (9.16)

Local local local!

Local apples, local squash – the produce department is popping up LOCAL!

Stop in and see the wide variety and support our local farmers with your purchases!

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