A few months ago, our Green Team wrote and submitted an article to the ComPost about the use of reusable bags. Currently, Just Food rewards you with a Planet Patch that you can either donate the 5-cent value to the Community Action Center, or you can choose to keep that 5-cents and add them up to $1 off your purchase.

Starting with our new fiscal year on Monday, July 1, Just Food will no longer be supplying paper bags free of charge. We hope that by giving you some notice, that you’ll be able to either stock up on reusable bags, but likely you have a small stash at home or in your car. We are attempting to do our part, as a store, to recycle, compost and overall ‘be green’ in our everyday life at the store.

Reusable rPET Tote Bags

In the month of June, you will see some in store options for purchasing Co-op reusable bags. Here are some of the new options for you:

Reusable rPET tote bags are made from 100% post-consumer recycled material from water bottles. This fun tote is 14 inches high and 12 inches wide with a gusset and holds up to 22 pounds of delicious food! This bag also has a longer strap, allowing it to easily be worn over your shoulder. The cost of this bag will be $1.99 each.

Green Co-op Bag

We also will have a smaller bag option for you, a lovely green Co-op bag that contains 10% post-industrial recycled content and is non-leaching and machine washable. These bags measure 12 inches wide x 14 inches high and 8 inches deep. The cost for this bag will be $1.39 each.

Just Food will still have a paper bag option for you. These paper bags with a braided handle are 100% recycled paper and FSC-certified. They are fully compostable/recyclable and printed with water-based inks. The size is 13 wide x 7 deep and 17 inches high. The cost will be 25 cents per bag.

Paper Bag Option $.25

You may be used to receiving a planet patch for using your reusable bags. We will now be handing you one Community Coin per shopping trip if you bring your own bags. These coins do not have cash value but you can use these to vote for your favorite community partner. There will be two (2) community partners for you to consider each month and the community partner with the most Coins at the end of the month will receive a $150 donation from Just Food and the second partner will receive a $100 donation.

As we work toward a more sustainable and eco-conscious store, this is one way we can be mindful as a Co-op community.

We appreciate your understanding and are excited to move into this next phase at Just Food Co-op!

By: Stephanie Aman, Marketing Manager