The Oiling of America

Instructors:  Lois Taylor and Jeanine Taylor
Wednesday, January 16 from 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.

“Eating fat makes you fat.” “High fat diets are bad.” “Low fat, reduced fat, no fat and vegetable oils for a healthy low fat diet.” “Cut the fat out, it’s bad for you because it causes heart disease, raises your cholesterol………” We have been bombarded by these statements and many more for as long as we can remember. Join us to learn how incorporating the right fats can actually help you lose weight and reduce bad cholesterol. Not to say how much better you will look and feel by consuming the right fats. Through her 50 years of nursing experience, Lois Taylor RN, has witnessed the increased use of pharmaceuticals which attempt to manage, and often compound and antagonize, medical problems. Instead, she advocates for an integrative approach which seeks to enhance an individual’s level of wellness as the primary means of prevention. Jeanine, her daughter, has become an advocate in her own right for “you are what you eat” as an employee of Just Food Coop.

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