UFCW Announces Intentions to Form Union at Just Food Co-op

The United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 1189 (UFCW) have announced their intentions to form a union at Just Food Co-op. On Wednesday, January 17, Just Food Co-op Management was presented with a petition from the UFCW 1189. To ensure all members of Just Food’s staff have a voice in this decision and in the spirit of Cooperative Principle 2, Democratic Member Control, there will be an election for all eligible staff to determine if the majority wish to be represented by a labor organization.

Just Food Co-op recognizes the right of any group of people to form legal associations to meet their collective needs. This includes the right of our employees to choose to organize or join a union in the workplace. The decision to associate, or not, is up to each employee.  This is an important employee decision, not a Co-op decision, and we want to make sure that all employees have an opportunity to voice their opinion on unionization.

Just Food Co-op Management will ensure that the decision to unionize is an employee decision and the Co-op takes a neutral position toward any legal efforts to organize. As this process moves forward, including the election and vote for a Union at Just Food, we will keep our membership and shoppers informed.


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