Just Food Co-­op Board of Directors

Just Food Co-op is governed by a democratically elected Board of nine directors serving three-year terms. The Board is your voice at the Co-op and uses the principles of policy governance to represent the interests of member-owners and to safeguard the future of the cooperative. Though the Board does not deal directly with the day-to-day operational decisions happening in the store, they play an important role in providing oversight and leadership for the business as a whole.

Board Responsibilites

The Just Food Board of directors has four core responsibilities:

  • To ensure sound management of the Co-op by hiring, supervising, and evaluating the Co-op’s General Manager;
  • To enact governing policies, carry out the directives of Co-op’s Articles and Bylaws and update all of the above as necessary;
  • To act as trustees of member-owners by providing oversight of the Co-op’s finances;
  • And to engage in long-range strategic planning for the Co-op’s future.

In addition, the Board is tasked with perpetuating itself through elections and recruitment; upholding a rigorous code of ethics and conduct, and assessing its own performance and policies.

Contact the Board or Attend a Meeting

You can reach the Board of Directors with questions, feedback, or concerns at any time at board@justfoodboard.com

The Just Food Board meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month, and members are always welcome to attend, observe, and share their perspective. Please note that because of the COVID-19 pandemic, all Board meetings will be held virtually at 6:30 PM until further notice.

Holiday Schedule Changes for Board Meetings: 

  • November 18 at 6:30pm (instead of November 25)
  • December 16 at 6:30pm (instead of December 23)

Please email ahead to board@justfoodboard.com if you plan to join us for a meeting or would like to review the official minutes of a past meeting.

Serve on the Board

Any Co-op member in good standing can become a candidate to serve on the Just Food Board of Directors, and the Board is always striving to broaden its perspective and better represent the community it serves. Joining the Board is an excellent opportunity to learn and practice good leadership and governance, serve your community, and to help steer the future of our cooperative.

Interested members can learn more about Board responsibilities and apply to be a candidate by downloading our Board Application Packet. Candidate applications are taken through the end of July each year, and elections to fill vacant seats on the Board are held each October at the Annual Meeting. UPDATED: The board packet has been updated to reflect a new deadline date as well as a valid email address.(8/5/2020)

Prospective candidates for the Board are strongly encouraged to get in touch with the current Board and attend one or more meetings before applying.

Michael Pursell


Derek Meyers

Vice President

Patrick Neily