Board of Directors Election Information

Online voting is here! Members should be receiving, or may have already received, a mailing from Just Food Co-op. Simply Voting is managing our election this year and as with all things new, there are sometimes glitches. The letter you receive with your ballot indicates that there is a pre-paid envelope included. This was the plan, but instead, the letters went out with a pre-addressed envelope without the postage paid.

Simply Voting acknowledged the error immediately after realizing the issue, took responsibility and are significantly reducing our pricing as a result.

Board president Dirk Peterson said, “As we make progress on our goal to make our democratic process easier and more accessible for all of our owners, there will sometimes be glitches along the way until we have settled into an established system. We appreciate your understanding.”­­­­

If you prefer to vote via the paper ballot, you may of course put a stamp on the envelope if that is convenient, and mail it, or please bring your envelope to the Co-op, where we will place a stamp on your envelope for mailing. Thank you again for your patience and understanding!

Check out the bios of our candidates for this year, as well as the 2 ballot questions you will be asked to vote on.

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