Just Food Co-op Expansion – 2020/2021!
















Just Food Co-op kicked off the long awaited expansion on July 13, 2020. We are so excited to share the progress with you here! You’ll find weekly updates from our General Contractor, Wieser Brothers, that will keep you up to date on the progress as well as upcoming plans for the week.

Highlights of Each Phase – 185 working days for project

Phase 1 (55 days): Office Spaces, open aired kitchen and deli, staff break room with lockers, new meat and cheese spaces, community room moves to the front, receiving/storage overhaul

Phase 2 (50 days): Produce prep room, new coolers, bulk area revamped, create spice/coffee island

Phase 3 (40 days): Produce area reset, facade work, shopping cart areal and entrance/exit revamp, half of the shopping lanes reconfigured

Phase 4 (40 days): Wellness moves to the front of the store, other half of shopping lanes reconfigured, finishing touches!