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Just Food Co-­op is your local community owned grocery store proudly offering locally sourced foods and goods as well as many organic and natural options for you and your family. Take a look at our product policy. We make it easy to shop here and leave you not worrying about additives and preservatives in your food; ­no label reading needed to ensure that you’re getting a high quality product. We do that work for you! You will also find a great selection of merchandise including shirts, cups, toothbrushes and calendars!

Co-op Basics

Affordable prices for everyone for good food with our Co+op Basics line.

Co-op Deals

Check the flyers for sales for everyone!

Fresh deals for this week!

Check around the store for these great prices for members.

So Many Great Ways to Save

We often hear that it’s expensive to shop here. We would like to challenge you to take a second look! There are many new programs that are now offered at the Co-­op and we think you’ll like what you see. We know your pocketbook will!

co+op deals

Current and Upcoming Deals:

September 30 – October 20

October 21 – November 3

COVID19 UPDATE: While deals are being secured, we may not have some of the standard items in these flyers. All flyers and sales were set and printed well before the worldwide pandemic. We provide these as a tool ONLY – prices that are listed are honored, but availability may be less than desirable. Thanks for your patience!

co+op deals offers great pricing on many items on a bi-weekly basis. You will find great deals throughout the store from salad dressing to toilet paper; hand soap to frozen pizza. There really are some fantastic prices on many every day as well as specialty items. Co+op Deals offers some hot buys on seasonal items as well.
Check out the flyers! We have them on the web, and in the store for you to pick up. We know our prices are competitive with the big box stores and we know you’ll agree when you take a look! These sales are open to everyone!

fresh deals

Fresh Deals focuses on the produce, deli, meat and cheese departments and offers all shoppers hot prices on delicious fresh products. These deals change weekly so stop in often to shop these sales! Look for the signs and check out the flyer!

We do receive shipments of fresh fish twice weekly, typically on Wednesdays and Friday.

Co+op Basics

Co-op BasicsCo+op Basics is designed to help us provide affordable GOOD food to all of our community. Basics has staple items like Fair Trade bananas, organic potatoes, local milk and butter, flour, sugar, eggs and cheese (just to name a few items) at low prices everyday, for everyone!

owner deals

There are many benefits of being an owner, one being great sales on products we select just for you! We know we are buyers for our owners, so we work every day to ensure that our owners receive special pricing on products that we think you will love.

More About Your Co-op

Just Food is more than just a grocery store though, we’re a co-­op which means we are owned by our members, currently over 3,000 of your neighbors and friends, and we are here to serve our community.

We partner with many non-­profits throughout the year by providing donations through ourJust Round Up program, we provide snacks and education to after-school programming as well as donate to many fundraisers throughout the year.
Just Food offers a robust education program and helpful tips and tricks through our newsletter.
Being a cooperative means we return our profits to our members and to our community ­and so much more!

Just Food loves our college students! College students, with a valid STUDENT ID receive owner pricing on products, including 10% off case orders.