At Just Food, we are buyers for our members!  We support our local foodshed by supporting our local farmers and businesses when purchasing product that our members request.  You will find high quality produce, meal builders for your family, local dairy, meat and cheeses and vitamins and supplements that meet a comprehensive product policy so you can be sure you are getting great food and products for your family.

We know your farmers – ask us about them!  We visit their farms, we talk to them when we purchase product and many of our local farmers are also members and shop at Just Food.  We value them!


Deli: Soups, Hot Bar and Salads

*Deli Catering Menu – Check it Out!*

Our deli welcomes you to come and enjoy a prepared sandwich and salad from our grab and go case located at the front of the store. You’ll find quality ingredients, fresh flavor and unique selections not found elsewhere. Our grab and go case also contains fresh sliced lunch meats, delicious salad options, grab and go meals, as well as quarts of soup for you to reheat at home for a quick dinner option for your family.

How to Shop in the Deli Department

Our salad bar is a popular option for lunches for many of our customers. You will find containers located on the end of the salad bar. Grab one, fill it up with your choice of greens and fresh toppings. Take your container to the cashier and check out! Looking for some savory soups or a hot lunch? We can help out there too! Just Food’s deli offers 2-­3 housemade soups daily as well as a hot food entree which changes daily. You can find the deli menu on the main page of our website. Our deli can help make gatherings easier for the host. Check out our catering menu and see how we can make the food portion of your party a success!


The Best Produce In Northfield

The smells, the colors, the seasons. That is what you’ll find in Just Food’s produce aisle. During the height of summer, our produce department fills the shelves with fresh and local produce from around the five state area, with much of it coming from farms within a 30 mile radius of our store. While the Minnesota growing season is short, you will still find some delicious options in our produce department in the wintertime. Storage veggies like potatoes and squash are on our shelves, as well as hydroponic lettuce, micro-greens and tomatoes. Who says you can’t eat local in the winter?!

Local Farmers Growing Local Food

As you browse through our the colorful and fragrant aisles, make sure to stop and check out some of the root veggies from Open Hands Farm, hydroponic greens and tomatoes from Living Waters and many other fresh produce items from Wisconsin Growers Cooperative. See something you’d like to try? Just ask us! We will gladly sample out our fresh fruits and veggies so you can give it a try before you purchase. For many of our local farmers, Just Food is their grocery store too. Often fresh off a delivery to Just Food, you will find our farmers in the aisles doing their weekly grocery shopping. With local farmer profiles proudly displayed in our aisles, you’ll know them when you see them. Make sure you stop them, say hi and thank them!


Grocery: All of Your Staples in One Place

Our grocery department strives to put good affordable food on our shelves with a nod to local and organic products while balancing our shoppers needs to stock specialty items. Our aisles are stocked with unique, healthy and delicious items from crackers, soups and baking supplies to dietary sensitive baking supplies, gourmet oils and vinegars and soups and stocks. There is truly something here for everyone! You can shop Just Food knowing that our items are all free of artificial ingredients and other things you don’t want to feed your family. Our product policy, as well as member feedback, guide us in the products we place on our shelves.

Bulk Aisle

Buy in Bulk and Save Big

We have heard that the bulk department is the most intimidating to shop, but we are here to make it easy for you! Bulk is a cost effective and sustainable way to purchase everyday items as well as those special treats. With a great selection on staples like pasta, rice and dried beans as well as flours, nuts and chocolate chips these are cost effective savings for everyone.

Just Food also offers many liquid items in the bulk section. You will find everything from honey and maple syrup to vinegar to handsoap!

To our customers with food allergies

We do not suggest that those with food allergies use the bulk department. We work carefully to ensure that the bulk bins are filled so that items are not cross-­contaminated, however, we can not guarantee that scoops haven’t been used in other bins or that the bins themselves were not cross contaminated. Only packaged products with allergen-­free claims should be considered safe for those who have food related allergies. Any of our staff would be happy to guide you to products that would be safe for your consumption.
Just ask!

How to Shop in Bulk

Shopping our bulk department is easy! You can bring your own containers, purchase bulk containers that we have available in the store or you may use the plastic bags we supply in the aisle.

Steps to buying in bulk:

  • Weigh your container or the container you are purchasing. Note the weight, or tare, of your container and write it on a white sticker and place on your container. You do not need to weigh our plastic bags.
  • Put the desired amount of product in your container either pulling the handle on the bulk containers that hang or using the scoop that is attached to product container.
  • Note the PLU, found on each bulk bin, and write the PLU on a sticker and place on your container.


Meat & Cheese

We know your farmers! From local, to grass-fed and humanely raised beef, pork, chicken or turkey, Just Food’s meat department has just what you are needing to feed your family. Delicious local sausages and bacon, grass-fed steaks, local chicken as well as prepackaged lunch meats are just a sample of what you will find. Fresh fish from Coastal Seafoods arrives on Tuesdays and Thursdays and your freshly cut and wrapped seafood is ready for purchase after 3:00 p.m.

Meet Your Meat Providers

Interested in learning more about our local meat providers? Here’s a quick sampling of some of the companies we work with ­ get to know your farmer!

Special Diets

Many of our customers look to Just Food as a resource to help support a special diet. We are glad to be able to help!  Whether it’s gluten free, dairy free, paleo, grain free or anything in between, please just ask!  Many of our staff either have first hand experience with the dietary restrictions you may be facing, or have done the research to be able to help you!  If you can’t find an item that you are looking for, there is a good chance that we can special order it for you. If there is enough customer demand for an item, we might even be able to carry it!

We Know Good Cheese

Just Food’s cheese case is overflowing with options for everyday as well as special occasion.
We know good cheese! From imported to local, we can help you find the cheese that’s just right for you. Most of our cheese are cut and wrapped in house, so you can be assured that you are getting a high quality product that we take great care in putting on the shelves for you.

We offer a Co+op Basics local cheddar and local mozzarella cheese to ensure that people in our community have access to these staple items.

With so many local options to choose from, it’s hard to make a selection! Ask any of the experts in the aisles for help in either choosing the right cut of meat for your dinner party or that special cheese for a dinner party. We are glad to assist you!


Wellness: Supplements, Bath and Body

We know that many of our shoppers are looking for alternatives to traditional medicines, or additional natural support to a medical issue. We strive to fill those needs whether it’s a need for a great fish oil, low on vitamin D or you are looking for a cough syrup that doesn’t contain all the added ‘stuff’ that most contain ­ we can help you! If you are under the care of a holisitc or alternative medicinal doctor and you are not seeing what you need in our aisles, please ask! We can likely order you what you need.

More than Vitamins

But did you know we have a lot more to offer than supplements? Just Food’s Wellness department has your everyday basics like toothpaste and soaps, shaving cream and deodorant all at affordable prices. You’ll be pleased to find local items like goat milk soap as well as the ability to cut your own bars of soap so you can get just what you need.

Wellness Thursdays

Be sure to check us out on Wellness Thursdays on the third Thursday of every month. All shoppers enjoy 5% off the entire department, all day!