Curbside pickup

Take advantage of curbside pickup to save time and stay safe

At your service!

Online prices may not reflect actual in store pricing and are subject to change without out notice.

• Curbside pickup is available every day except Sunday.

Just Food DOES NOT mail or ship orders.

• Orders are shopped in the order they are received. Our shoppers begin work at about 9 a.m.

• Orders placed by 3 pm will be shopped the same day, and must be paid for and picked up the same day. Orders placed after 3 pm will be shopped the next day.

• $35 minimum order; $5 fulfillment fee per order

• Simply place your order, and we'll call when we're done shopping to arrange payment and pickup

 • The "search" feature in the upper right-hand corner is your friend! Be specific about what you're looking for to save time. For instance, if you search for "milk," you'll get about 300 products to look through. If you search for "1% milk," you'll get about 50 products. And if you search for "Organic Valley 1% milk," that product will pop right up. Spelling matters!

• Due to a recent wave of price changes, the price you see online may not reflect current in-store prices. Just Food staff will provide the total price of your order when they call you for payment, and can answer questions regarding prices for individual items.