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The 2023 Annual Meeting of Just Food Co-op was held at St. John’s Lutheran Church on Saturday, October 7. Sixty-two people attended; 411 ballots were cast electronically and 38 ballots were cast on-site, bringing the voting total to 449 (12% of 3,699 electors).

There were 1,374 votes cast and 6 abstentions. The three highest vote-getters who will begin their three-year Board terms in January are: Page Nelson, Brenda Kragseth and Brandi Adelmann. Amber Showalter will begin a one-year term on the Board in January. If you attended the meeting, watch for a feedback survey in the next week or so. We’d like to get feedback from you so we can keep making this meeting meaningful for everyone that attends.


Just Food Co-op welcomes four new members to its Board of Directors. Elected to three-year terms were Tessa Parks, Molly Christopher and Jacob Morton. Maia Homstad was elected to a one-year term.

A proposed change to the co-op’s by-laws passed by a vote of 337 to 57. The results were announced at the Annual Meeting.

Just Food Co-op extends its thanks to all Board candidates, and to all member/owners who participated in the election.

Carla Johnson

Carla Johnson

JFC Friends – My name is Carla Johnson, and I am in my third year of my first three-year term
on your Board of Directors. Currently, I serve as the President. I also serve on the Education
committee, the Events committee and the Finance committee. My husband and I moved to
Northfield in the fall of 2020, a return to Northfield for me and a new location for him. Previously,
I lived here from 1976 to 1990 and then moved to other communities for jobs until we both
retired. In retirement, I have been working as a yoga instructor at Fifty North, swimming,
learning to do art, doing some volunteer work, and learning how to have free time to fill. Family
is super important to me and being in Northfield allows us time with son, daughter-in-law, and
granddaughter! Food co-ops came into my life in 1979, when I was part of the group of people
who started the first cooperative buying club in Northfield. It’s fabulous to come full circle, be
part of JFC, and see the growth and change that has happened over these years.

Derek Meyers

Derek Meyers

My wife and I have lived in Northfield for over a decade now. We joined Just Food Co-op
immediately when we moved to town! We opened Imminent Brewing seven years ago and I am
in my sixth year serving on the JFC Board of Directors. When I’m not working at the brewery or
on things for Just Food, I enjoy bicycling, disc golfing, playing soccer, hiking with our dog Neon,
and reading a good novel. My education was in English and political science, particularly
environmental politics and issues of sustainability, and I see Just Food as a key player in our
local foodshed, connecting local producers to consumers and providing quality, healthy food to
our entire community while having a positive impact on our wider environment.

Jacob Morton

Jacob Morton

I am the board Treasurer and on the Education and Finance committees. I’m an assistant
professor in the Classics department at Carleton College. In my free time, I like playing music,
cooking, and studying the history of food and cooking from the ancient world to today. I hope to
help make JFC the most vibrant co-op in the midwest, the best place to work in Minnesota, and
a wonderful community space for local farmers and shoppers

Page Nelson

Page Nelson

I have been serving on the Just Food Board of Directors since 2020, and before that I was a
Just Food employee for seven years in the Produce department. I am currently the Secretary for
the Board, as well as a member of the Education committee. I have lived in Northfield for 11
years and have always been passionate about supporting and participating in the local
foodshed. I believe if we work together, especially on a local level, we can strengthen our
connection to each other and the earth, finding ways to create a more sustainable culture
ecologically, economically, and socially. I work at Spring Wind Farm, manage an Airbnb, and
help out as a substitute TA/Para at Prairie Creek Community School. I love sharing time with my
family, playing music with friends, and enjoying the outdoors. I hope my time on the board helps
grow Just Food’s positive impact on our community, strengthening its connection to local
producers and making our store more accessible to everyone from all walks of life.

Michael Pursell

Michael Pursell

I was elected to the Just Food Board in 2018, served as Board President from 2020-2022, and
am currently a Director-at-Large. When I’m not shopping or directing at Just Food or growing or
cooking my own food, I’m the Food Access Program Director for the Community Action Center,
where I work to give food away to as many Rice County families as possible. My background is
in farming, I currently serve on the Outreach and Education committees, and I’m excited to be
involved in refreshing the co-op’s policy register and bylaws for a new chapter in Just Food’s

Brenda Kragseth

I was recently elected to the Just Food Board and am beginning my term in 2024. I am currently
a member of the Events committee. My family has been involved in the food co-operative
movement since the late 1970’s. I enjoy traveling, gardening and reading. I am passionate about
service to the community, environmental sustainability and access to local food resources. I
have a B.A. in Political Science and an A.A.S in Network Administration and Cybersecurity. My
husband, son and I have lived in Northfield since 2005 and have been long time members of
Just Food Co-op. I am currently the IT Helpdesk Manager at St. Olaf College. I am excited
about offering my skills, talents and time to the Just Food Co-op community


  • Ensure sound management of the Co-op by hiring, supervising, and evaluating the Co-op’s General Manager
  • Enact governing policies, carry out the directives of Co-op’s Articles and Bylaws and update all of the above as necessary
  • Act as trustees of member-owners by providing oversight of the Co-op’s finances
  • Engage in long-range strategic planning for the Co-op’s future
  • In addition, the Board is tasked with perpetuating itself through elections and recruitment; upholding a rigorous code of ethics and conduct, and assessing its own performance and policies.

Attend a Meeting to Learn More or Share Your Views!

The Just Food Board meets on the third Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m., and members are always welcome to attend, observe, and share their perspective during the Owners’ Forum at the top of the meeting. Board meetings are currently held in-person at Fifty North, Room 102 (1651 Jefferson Pkwy, Northfield, MN 55057).

Reach out to the Board of Directors with questions, feedback, or concerns at any time at Please note that operational matters should be addressed to store managers.


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