Just Food Co-op

We’re glad to welcome you to Just Food Co-op in downtown Northfield. We are proud to be your source for fresh, local, and organic food, as well as sustainable household and personal care products. We vow to provide you with the best customer service in town, an enjoyable shopping environment, and a wide variety of natural food choices that don’t contain artificial colors or preservatives.

But we’re more than just a grocery store. We’re a co-op, and we’re owned by more than 2,800 of your friends and neighbors. Our owners have invested in this store and participate in its governance. And when we become profitable and have paid back our loans, they will receive a portion of those profits through patronage rebates. Because of this, our profits stay in the local economy. Just Food Co-op defines its success by a triple bottom line: social, environmental, and economic sustainability. This commitment to doing business justly is reflected in our name—Just Food Co-op. So whether you’d like to buy fair trade, want to support your local farmers, or just like the delicious soup in our deli, you’re voting with your dollar for a better world just by shopping here.

You’ll find out that we know about good food, support education, and have deep community roots. Just Food, Coop has been in business for 10 years and we offer CARE packages for college students! We have some huge events coming up and extend our membership to you at any time. Our large variety of departments offer you produce, deli foods, bulk, wellness, dairy, packaged groceries, frozen foods, meat, and cheese. Stop in today for some of the best food in Northfield!

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